10 Ways to Incorporate Flowers in Your Wedding Plans

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When I was a bride, I didn’t care much about flowers (except when I found peacock feathers sticking out of my bouquet and furiously plucked them out in the bridal suite. Am I right, bridesmaids?). If I were planning my wedding right now, I would move mountains to have a gorgeous bouquet because the photography I’d be investing in would showcase that bouquet like whoa! Details matter because they’re YOUR details and they make up the event you’re planning to celebrate your first day as a married couple. That is a beautiful thing.

Friends (I’m mostly talking to you, ASP Brides!), flowers are one of the most beautiful details you can add to your wedding decor to enhance the look and feel of the entire day. Don’t worry. I did the homework. I even pinned the pins. No research woes here! Enjoy :)

1. Flower crown. Whether it’s for you, the flower girl, or your grandmother, floral crowns can be delicate, bold, or playful… the perfect touch to a fun wedding hair-do!

2. Single flowers & calligraphed tags for escort cards. Not only do fresh flowers make an event seem more luxurious, but wouldn’t it be magical to smell fresh flowers when you close your eyes during your first dance?

3. Hanging initials. Maybe it’s the Southern Belle in me screaming to be let loose, but I love a good monogram and especially one mixed with stunning blooms!

4. Boxed planters in place of runners. I love the idea of a sea of flowers running right down the middle of a longg rectangular table!

5. Bridal bouquet. I’m living my life vicariously through my brides who plan for a wild bouquet, something a little more unkempt and effortlessly intricate. Be still my heart!

6. Frame your ceremony arbor with flowers and sheer fabric. Or just frame anything with flowers and fabric. Mixing textures is one of my favorite ways to style!

7. Succulent surprises. Who says your bouquet and/or centerpieces have to be JUST flowers? Plants are great, too!

8. Floral garland in place of runners. Also, this is just kraft paper. Who would have thought?!

9. A flower wall as your ceremony backdrop. Think about what it would look if you had a wall of flowers behind you as you said “I Do”! Not in the budget? Poke the stems of fuller flowers into squares of foam and hang them with space in between. Still too expensive? Paper flowers! Problem solved.

10. Floral satellites in your reception space. Soren & Eric’s Rustic Black Tie Wedding at Gedney Farm was the first time I had seen greens hanging horizontally and I loved how romantic it felt with the twinkly lights wound in!

Wedding Tips: 10 Ways to Incorporate Flowers in Your Wedding Plans by Boston Wedding Photographer Annmarie Swift

These gorgeous floral satellites were designed and crafted by Crocus Hale.

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