A BIG Announcement!

Change is hard. And change is especially hard when you didn’t even see it coming. At the exact same time, change is incredible and inspiring and the most beautiful breath of fresh air!

In the past year and a half, Annmarie Swift Photography has blossomed and grown in ways I never could have dreamed. ASP has taken me up and down the east coast (and even over to California and soon the British Virgin Islands!), developing and building professional and personal relationships, fueling my passion for photography, and instilling in me a sense of pride only being my own boss could. Finding and becoming part of a community of giving creatives has changed my life in countless ways and I am so so excited for this next change…

I am SO excited to announce that I will be taking ASP full time at the end of June!! AHHH!!

insert clapping hands, happy tears, and twenty balloon emojis

For almost exactly the same amount of time ASP has been in business, I’ve been a full time nanny for the sweetest, most supportive family I could have asked for. When I first started, right at the beginning of the school year in 2013, I had just two boys. Adorable, full of life, and so magnetically happy. Seven months later, their baby brother was born and caring for them became an entirely different experience! Much like my business, all the moving parts of their family were moving faster, changing me as a person and as a small business owner. So much of my business has mirrored my time with the boys, starting somewhat slowly then quickly gaining a momentum I didn’t see coming. In both experiences, I was fortunate to hit milestones I will never forget with people that have left marks on my life I know for sure I couldn’t live without!

In the coming weeks, you’ll likely find me in almost happy tears at every fact shared about space, enthusiastically mastered Amelia Bedelia book, and newly spoken word by my three favorite guys! It’s the nature of spending fifteen hour days with children and loving them dearly was something I knew to expect. It’s been a complete treasure to care for them for these twenty months. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect family to share life with! I couldn’t share this news without thanking the boys and their parents for the most perfect time together. I’ve never felt more like a part of someone’s family I didn’t actually belong to, nor have I wanted to be closer to a family that isn’t my own. Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart! You’ve given me the gifts of support and flexibility and without them, I wouldn’t be ready to move on. I’ll miss you all more than you know, but I know this isn’t the end.

As the school year comes to a close, I’ll be sharing more details about what a full time photography business looks and feels like on the blog! I hope you’ll follow my transition starting in June! I’m so excited for this summer!

I have a full wedding season and a handful of trips planned with creatives I just adore! I’m looking forward to working with my couples and clients to create image galleries we love, productive work hours with industry friends, and building intentional time with my husband!

This is an incredible life we have and I’m thrilled about living it fully this season!

“I like to surround myself with creative people. They love life in such a contagious way that can’t often be put into words.” -Rachel Wolchin


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I am just SO SO excited for you, friend!

Get it girl, you rock!!! :) So proud of you and excited!!! :)

Ah!!! Congratulations Annmarie! That’s so exciting!!!!!

So happy for you Annmarie! We’ll be moving on from nannying to full time at the same time! :) xo