Meet Annmarie

I love capturing moments that matter. My love for creating images comes from shooting moments and emotions that matter, not objects or things. People are my thing. I love couples that kiss and families that embrace. Those relationships are so real and honest and I love creating images that celebrate what matters most.

Hi there! I’m beyond excited that you found me and I am very excited to get to know you! I know firsthand just how important it is to choose a photographer who will not only create beautiful images of you and your love, but could also be your friend. It’s such a special relationship to have and I hope that learning a little bit about who I am will help you choose me to make memories with you.

Unlike a lot of photographers, I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand. I didn’t escape to a darkroom during high school or study photography in college. I’m actually a teacher by trade and at heart. It wasn’t until I was engaged and planning my own wedding that I discovered photography was a hidden passion. I absolutely fell in love with the way my own photographer made me feel in front of the camera and felt a truly magnetic pull to do the same for others. After purchasing my first DSLR and cherished 50mm lens, I couldn’t stop shooting.

I also love my husband and things that sparkle and living on the North Shore of Massachusetts and balloons and traveling (especially to shoot weddings!) and gold foil. I’ve recently become addicted to avocado and Starbucks, but never at the same time. A clean apartment makes me happy but I can pass on tidying up to spend the night laughing so hard I cry.

I will always choose quality time. I will also always choose to do my best for you, and to dream as big as you do so that your image collection and experience with me is everything you’ve ever wanted.

I would love to meet you. Let’s get a chai latte and talk. Tell me everything!

I married Brian in 2012 and found everything I didn’t know I needed in him. Without his support, dedication, and willingness to dance with me to no music, I’d be lost. 

I fully embrace my bad eyesight! I love wearing my glasses so much that I still push up on the bridge of my nose when I have contacts in.

Wellies are my shoe of choice. The freedom of walking through a puddle is something I will never take for granted.


Dream With Me

There are so many places I want to see, memories I want to capture, and images I want to create.

I want to share my dreams just in case you were the person meant to make one of them come true. Maybe, just maybe, we’re supposed to cross paths and know each other. I would absolutely love to use one these sessions as a way to form a true and genuine connection, to serve others, or to collaborate on an image collection.

If any of these visions set your heart on fire like they do mine, please email me at

  • an adoption reunion
  • photographing and signing as witness for an elopement
  • a surprise military homecoming
  • a 50th anniversary session
  • a session with at least four generations in one family
  • shoot a wedding entirely in black and white
  • an at-home birth
  • create and print an image for someone who has never seen themselves in print
  • grand opening of a new school
  • a person/people seeing and experiencing the ocean for the first time