Hey there! I’m Annmarie, a wedding photographer for classic couples in love and Boudoirathon photographer for women in love with themselves. I’m only one of the many hearts behind The Working Retreat and I am so fortunate to know such talented women to build this dream with! I live just north of Boston, MA with my husband and we absolutely love the changing seasons in New England (although I wouldn’t mind skipping straight to August!)! I’m a big nerd! Harry Potter, color-coding & washi taping my planner, a full tank of gas, and a fresh notebook are a few of my favorite things. I’m also obsessed with striped tshirts, Kate Spade, belly laughs, car rides just to talk, skipping songs on Pandora, and new socks. I really can’t wait to meet you this summer! It’s going to be the most amazing girls’ trip!

Annmarie is the owner of Annmarie Swift Photography & Co-Owner of Boudoirathon with Jessica & Annmarie



I’m Alexandra! I’m 26, single gal, full-time blogger & small business owner. I’m the heart behind the Heart Love Always lifestyle + wedding website (featuring tips and inspiration for all things girls love about life). I’m a believer of dreams, faith, hope, love, and sparkly things!! I could live on Sephora, Kate Spade, J.Crew, Anthropologie, and Whole Foods. I’m a voracious reader, obsessive organizer, coffee mug collector, repeat movie watcher, and almost never on time. I believe life is infinitely better with confetti dance parties, a good book or love story, French Press coffee, painted nails, pretty office supplies, todo lists, X’s and O’s, and pink lipstick! I can’t wait to meet you all!

Alexandra is the founder and owner of Heart Love Always



boston-wedding-photographer-working-retreatKat Schmoyer | TWR SPEAKER

Hi, friends!! I’m Kat & I own Dear Sweetheart Events! I’m a wife, believer, big dreamer & if it comes in pink, I’ll take two! My high school sweetheart and I live in the mountains of Virginia and love hiking with our crazy pup, and spending Friday nights on the couch watching re-runs of Friends! I could live off of popcorn and diet dr. pepper, and enjoy eating ice cream out of coffee mugs! I have way too many statement necklaces, love playing with pretty flowers & am so excited to meet you in August!!!

Kat is the owner of Dear Sweetheart Events and founder of the Creative at Heart Conference




boston-wedding-photographer-working-retreatJess May | TWR Speaker

Hi friends!! I’m Jess founder of Jess Creates, a graphic design studio specializing in wedding invitations and branding for creative entrepreneurs. I’m slightly obsessed with pretty paper, typography, clean design, and can spend every penny I have at JCrew, Target, and Anthropologie. I have a weakness for anything mint or teal, wake up before dawn on most days, and love a good run in the morning. My closest friends know that dinner parties, a cup of coffee, or a big glass of red wine are ways to my heart and I love spending time with my husband, Bob, and our miniature dachshund, Lucky. We live in a tiny town about an hour outside of Washington, DC but my clients and brides are all over the country. When I’m not designing, you can find this ‘foodie’ trying new restaurants, experimenting in the kitchen, reading, binge watching Netflix (Scandal anyone?!), and traveling to new places. I’m a giver of hugs, love making new friends, and cannot wait to meet you! xoxo

Jess is the owner and sole graphic designer at Jess Creates