Friend, I am so happy you are here!

Whether you are a prospective client and considering your options for holiday card photos or a wedding couple getting ready to celebrate an anniversary or a self-proclaimed frequent flyer, I really hope you know how grateful I am to have you with me!

When I started my business in 2013, I couldn't have imagined just how many clients would become friends or how much of a gift it would be to be invited, often times frequently, to document a family's visual legacy. Whether it's a full-scale wedding day or the occasional mini session, every interaction with you matters and brings me so much joy! Thank you for that!

Because of the ways my business and my life have been touched by you and your support, I absolutely must give back. You deserve a tangible "thank you" for the ways that you have invested yourself, your time, and your dollars in my business. And so... the ASP Brand Affiliate Program was born.

It's simple... share and earn. Read on to learn what it all means for you (and how you have likely already started)!

Become an ASP Brand Affiliate and build your lifetime discount!

for past, new, and prospective clients

This is about more than a discount.
It's about brand loyalty & gratitude.
and it's for every CLIENT!

the number of referrals, at a time, it takes to build your discount



up to a 50% lifetime discount to apply to future sessions and prints*



Quick Facts

by the numbers

the amount your discount builds as paid sessions are booked



the print credit that you and your brand new referral earn



your very first discount as soon as you join the program!



the number of sessions gifted at the end of each year to the three top affiliates

mini sessions


When you join, your discount will automatically start at 5% and can be built in two ways... confirmed referrals from the past twelve months or referrals that credit you in the future! My new contract questionnaire will ask who I can thank for the referral so, moving forward, your friends and family simply need to share your name there!

As two paid sessions are booked crediting you, your permanent discount for future portraits sessions and print orders* will increase by 5%, up to a 50% maximum discount! For example, 2 referrals means a 10% discount, 4 referrals means a 15% discount, 6 referrals means a 20% discount, and so on. Wedding referrals will count as two paid sessions. For each new referral, I will send you an update of your affiliate status!

your discount


*Please note this buildable affiliate discount is applicable for future mini and/or classic portrait sessions and print orders through your gallery only. This discount can not be applied to wedding collections, elopement collections, or heirloom product orders. 

refer your friends and family, then...

if you are a current client,

There are so many ways to make it happen!

✓ Earn a buildable 5% discount for every 2 paid portrait sessions and/or 1 wedding that are/is booked crediting you (up to a 50% discount)
✓ Earn a $25 print credit for every brand new client that books a session or weddings crediting you
✓ Have exclusive early access to classic and mini session booking at the start of every year

book your session, then...

if you are a first time client,

✓ Credit your referral
✓ Earn a $25 credit to use in your online gallery for your print and canvas order
✓ If you'd like, be instantly enrolled in the affiliate program to begin building your own lifetime discount!


Share your contact information and your referrals (first and last name, please) from the past twelve months. I'll connect with them, confirm, then send you an email with your custom code for future sessions and print orders!

ready to become an affiliate?

Annmarie Swift Photography is an award winning Boston, Massachusetts based wedding and motherhood photographer serving clients in the Northeast, New England, and Worldwide. Her photography style is timeless, genuine, and emotive.

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