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There is no other way to say it then to say that history is being written as you read this. The world has slowed so much that it has almost stopped completely due to what could be the most surprising and devastating health crisis of our lifetime. It is actually bananas to think about, isn't it?

As difficult as it is to know that staying home is the best I can do to protect the people I love and the people I don't even know, there are sweet moments and silver linings every day.

Here's what I want from this time... I want to remember all the extra time I had at home with my three year old son, Jack. I want to remember that we snuggled longer, ate meals together as a family more often, laughed louder, and maybe stayed up later a night or two. 

I also want to have visual and tangible memories from this time and I want you to have the same! So, here we are. In this wild season of life, when we can't come together at sunset on a beach, we're going to do something different... something that might just be better in some ways!

Until all gathering restrictions are lifted and we make our way through the phases of reopening our communities, I will be offering a limited amount of FaceTime photo sessions. My goal with this unique approach to lifestyle shooting is to capture you and your closest loved ones together, to document what life looks like at home.

While everyone is asked to stay distant from each other, I want to provide an opportunity for you to cherish how sweet it feels to stay close.

We'll schedule a 20 minute session and, after a quick introduction to the process and plan for which rooms in your home to focus on, we'll shoot for 10-15 minutes.

What you'll receive: An online gallery with low resolution digital images, full of joy, probably some blur, and a lot of sweetness.. I recommend 4x6 prints of your images to keep as a collection or putting them in a collage to display together! These images will be taken with your phone camera, so very different than an in-person session, but their quality should be just fine for small prints and displays!

Session cost: You decide, whatever feels most comfortable for you. Whether you decide $5, $50, or something different feels best for you, I am asking that if you secure a session, that you send payment to @annmarie-swift (Venmo) or am@annmarieswift.com (Paypal). 


What You Need...

✓ You must have access to an iPhone 6 or higher, running IOS 11 or later OR an iPad
✓ abundant natural light in your home! large windows, sliding glass doors, a covered porch... all great sources of beautiful and bright light!
✓ strong wifi with limited devices accessing it during our facetime call

What Could Be Helpful...

✓ a tidy & uncluttered room - more focus on you!
✓ a tripod to hold your phone!
✓ if not... books, a cup, and/or a small piece of rubber shelf liner to help keep your phone propped up
✓ snacks, books, and/or small toys nearby for little ones

Follow the link below to select and secure your FaceTime Session!

Please be very mindful about what time of day the rooms we will be shooting in are as bright as they can be - choosing a light, bright, neutral, and tidy room will make for higher quality images! 

Also, keep in mind that these session times are detailed in Eastern Standard Time - please plan accordingly.

Book Your FaceTime Session!


I am honored to be considered to document your family during this season! If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to email me directly at am@annmarieswift.com.


Annmarie Swift Photography is an award winning Boston, Massachusetts based wedding and motherhood photographer serving clients in the Northeast, New England, and Worldwide. Her photography style is timeless, genuine, and emotive.

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