Gedney Farm, Berkshires Wedding Album

2015 has been the year of change for ASP – going full time in June, taking on a new leadership role with The Rising Tide Society, and forming new and meaningful relationships with local creatives have forever changed the course of my business. I’ve slowly started to refine the types of sessions I want to be shooting and intentionally considered the wedding celebrations I feel I’m meant to photograph. It has been quite the season of growth and reflection and I’m thrilled with the direction Annmarie Swift Photography will be heading in 2016!

One of the most important shifts for next year’s client experience is how tangibly my couples will be experiencing their image collection. I’m a firm believer that all images, but specifically wedding photos, are not meant to be viewed on a screen. They are intended to be held, felt, and truly experienced by the people that cherish them and I’m so thrilled to be launching an entirely new client experience to reflect my appreciation for tangible images and heirlooms!

As a tiny peek into that experience, I’m so excited to be starting a new series sharing some of my favorite album designs and studio samples! In the spirit of feeling the images and not simply looking at them, I spent some time imagining what it would be like to view them in your home, what the album might be placed on, the beverage you might pour and sip while you flip the pages, the delicious foods you would be sharing together as you look back on the very first day of your marriage, the scent of the soft flickering candle, and the soft sounds that touch your heart. This is what viewing an image collection should feel like. It should touch every sense and completely envelop you in emotion!

Please enjoy some of my favorite images from Soren & Eric’s Gedney Farm Wedding

Thank you to Cristen from Captivatingly Chic Celebrations for this perfectly styled tabletop! You are a delight and a true talent!

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