Nicole and Anthony’s Engagement

Nicole and I met years ago through a mutual friend and I had no idea that I would be photographing her engagement session this spring. In fact, those were the days that photography wasn’t even on my radar and I’m finding that clients are coming out of the woodwork from pre-ASP days. I love that. I love how small the world is and that it’s bringing me such joy through my brides and clients!

Oh, Nicole and Anthony. Two of the nicest people and clearly so so adorable together. We started their session at the Nahant Public Library and after a few sweet portraits, we made our way to 40 Steps Beach to catch the end of that gorgeous spring sunlight. It couldn’t have made for more beautiful light for these two.

Congratulations, Nicole and Anthony! It was so wonderful to spend the evening with you!
Nicole and Anthony-1.jpgNicole and Anthony-2.jpgNicole and Anthony-7.jpgNicole and Anthony-6.jpgNicole and Anthony-12.jpgNicole and Anthony-10.jpgNicole and Anthony-9.jpgNicole and Anthony-30.jpgNicole and Anthony-31.jpgNicole and Anthony-33.jpgNicole and Anthony-38.jpgNicole and Anthony-22.jpgNicole and Anthony-44.jpgNicole and Anthony-35.jpgNicole and Anthony-48.jpgNicole and Anthony-40.jpgNicole and Anthony-39.jpgNicole and Anthony-50.jpgNicole and Anthony-41.jpg


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